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Rice moment is a creative restaurant which takes rice as the main ingredient. The combination of main Asian staple food “rice” and western cooking style offers a more experimental haute cuisine at a reasonable price. Rice moment creates a new structure of flavor, also find out the new interpretation of rice. The logo design comes from a bowl full of rice, it contains the three core concept which are a�?Rice, Share and Time.a�? A�Rice moment is not only a restaurant, but also represents a whole new life attitude.

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Cynthia Yueh ??�?�??�?

Visual Designer based in Shanghai & Taiwan
Graduated from Kingston University of London with a Master Degree of Communication Design. Currently working in The Walt Disney Company as an UI/UX designer, specializing in CIS, VI, branding, publishing design, UI/UX design, packaging.

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Phone : +86 1362-1627-430

Mail : yueh19900826@gmail.com

WeChat : cynthiayueh



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