AU DÉBUT 初一甜點 品牌識別設計

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Client: au début dessert



Being the first store of the franchise, it is AU DÉBUT’s wish to create taste that people would remember using the simplest ingredients. In the aspect of the identity design, we integrated the symbols “0” and “人 (people)” with the Chinese character “初 (original)” to present the spirit of this brand. It is hoped that everyone who has taste the dessert can rediscover their original intention for culinary delicacies. Moreover, we also further planned the print materials and the main visual signboard design for the inside and outside of the store.




早鳥形象設計由創意總監張晉嘉(Arron Chang)創立於台灣台北,我們透過創意思考與專業的系統性規劃,為客戶創造各式獨特的品牌形象。服務項目包含:品牌形象規劃設計、平面視覺傳達設計、產品包裝設計、網站設計、藝術風格指導。

「The early bird represents beautiful beginning of every morning which is most full of energy and vitality, we insist that design is not only to create beauty and value, it is more like a most nature life attitude. 」

EARLYBIRDS DESIGN was set up by Arron Chang and based in Taipei, Taiwan, through creative thinking and professional systematic plans, we create all kinds of unique brand images for our clients. Services including: branding CI, VI / visual communication design / packaging design / web design / art direction.

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