Client:A�Daniel, Natalie & Co.A�e��a��c��a?�c?�a?�a��a?�e?�??�e�?a��a??

Product:A�Handbag design and manufacturers


Daniel, Natalie & Co. Fashion handbag designer and manufacturers with office in Hong Kong and production facilities in mainland China, focus on style, functional and workmanship.

Behind the name stands owner Daniel Lam, Natalie Lam and a network of handbag designer and supplier who all share a common desire to put design and quality before everything else.

Using the owner’s name inital with hand draw old Roman’s type. The design approach is extremely basic in its nature, and the feeling it expresses and arousesA�is expertise and experience.A�The black and blue primary color stand out forcefully.

Design Firm: A�c??c?�e?�e??e?�a�?a��a?? A�New York Design

Designer:A�Michael LamsonA�A�?z� e????�


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