Health is very important to us and there are many factors that affect our health. Water pollution is even more serious, and the appearance of water purifiers has helped us solve this problem. It can effectively reduce 24 kinds of pollutants including aquatic parasites. Lead, rust and pesticides. Does not remove beneficial minerals.
The Water Filter W10295370 adopts revolutionary water filtration technology, which filters out most of the water impurities. Households can use drinking water with ease and the installation is simple without special tools. Simply insert the water pipe into the built-in plug to eliminate the risk of leaks. Tips Refrigerator filter cartridge is generally replaced in three months.Let children grow healthier and happya??

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不是天生麗質的藝術家,亦不是才華洋溢的設計師,但用心欣賞美的事物,並追求實踐在生活美學中。 現在,更學著用網路探索世界各地的創意設計,發現不同生活文化以及觀點,在ㄇㄞˋ點子和大家分享這一切!