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InA�How To Kill A Unicorn: How The Worlda��s Hottest Innovation Factory Builds Bold Ideas That Make It To MarketA�(Complex Chinese title:A�???a??e��i??a?�a??a��a?�i?Yi?sc?�a�?c??e��a��a??esSa��a?�?SSa��?��e�Sa��?�Y), the author Mark Payne, founder of the most in-demand innovation factoryA�Fahrenheit 212, reveals their groundbreaking methodology combining two key elements – Magic and Money, the creative and business side of innovation, which creatively shapes innovative ideas, deliberately transforms them into products and successfully brings them to market.

Inspired by the translated Complex Chinese title ???a??e��i??a?�a??a��a?�i?Y(Literally meaning: It’s cool, but so what?), the typographic design of the main title plays a mirror effect that creates a visual strangeness and expresses the core that merely having cool innovative ideas is notA�enough at all. Since the process of going from building bold ideas to making them marketable is one of the keys of the book, the gold foil-blocking graphics works on visually symbolizing how the firm shapes ideas into business.


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