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Written by Ugaya Masahiro (Japanese: a?�a??a�� a??a?�a??a�?; Traditional Chinese: c??e?�e�??�?a??) who is a master in international client relationship, a writer and a translator, the Absolutely works!A�70 IMPERFECT Life-experience Rules* (Japanese title:A�a?�a?sa??c��a?�! a�?a��a��(a?za?�a?za?�)a?�??�a��a�?a?�a�?A�), through a witty manner, analyses 70 selected well-know life-experiencerules such as the 80-20 rule and Murphy’s Law, and reveals the secret influences under the seemingly ordinary rules that could impact on every aspect of everyday life.

Inspired by a thought that life, in a way, consistsA�of all the diverse everyday experiences, the idea of a�?puzzlea�? was converted into the main visual element for the cover presentation. The optical illusioned puzzle metaphorically expresses the concept that how life could be different depends on our perspectives on the a�?rulesa�? we take for granted.


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