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Designed by  Markshit 马克与谢特 | Behance


We want our design is realistic, which is possible to be implemented and meeting the design principles for an industrial product. It might not be super creative. But it must be reasonable. That is the biggest challenge we think. Actually, before I did the design, I read a lot of books written by renowned architects such as “homogeneous structure and clear constructions” by Mies Van der Rohe, “Interval Order and Distinction Between Things” by Louis I Kahn. Personally, I believe a phone application is just like a building on digital platform. The theories in those architectural books like “structure” and “order” are also applicable in a digital product.

重新设计不得不考虑很多现实因素,比如品牌的一致性,用户操作的一致性。 可能它不是十分创新的,但必须是合理的。 一些建筑学的理论给了我灵感。手机界面就像数字平台上的建筑。“结构”和“秩序”的理论在界面设计中同样适用。


Markshit 马克谢特

UI / UX 設計

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