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Taiwan black bear is the only one make his own lair, which is very specific. We use Taiwan black bear as our theme to make the stationery. The two little bears are projection parent-child live in the forest, their relationship and also the nature. Recently, Taiwan beara��s environment has been invaded by human-being, so they are endangered. We do this to wake people to protect them. Reminding us there is not only we but also varietiesA�animals living on earth.

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At the beginning of design, we notice that there are variety of animals printed on Taiwan’s currency. Those animals are endangers, so it reminds us to protect them right away. Therefore, we combine the environmental awareness and animal-friendly as a concept to development a series of production.


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In order to present the beauty between solid and hollow, the big bear has a lots of openwork which makes it look better. The little bears play next to their mom, and she is gently watching her children. This shows their relationship. The Taiwan Mountains

is stretch, meander and tortuous, standing around them. That become their best home. The bear-like projection clock is not only the paperweight but also combine with apps as a message-board.


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The bear pen-container has two places, one can put small thing. For example: eraser, paperclipa��a��etc. Another is for the pen. The tape dispenser is convenient and easy-using. Usually we can put underneath the pen container. When turning on the bear projection clock that would show on the bookend. Most of our stationery is make from aluminum alloy, focus on irregular openwork to present our character. Formosa bear his own feature is a big-white V on his chest and we also make a hole to balance the modeling. convinced. We have been changing and modifying the style and functions, then contribute to thisA�appearance.

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